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General information for your event.

SYDNEY String Musicians.MELBOURNE String Musicians.BRISBANE String Musicians. ADELAIDE String Musicians.

* Deposits are non refundable.

* Cancellations within 7 days of booking require a 50% payment fee.

* Travel – For events out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane CBD and close surrounds, there will be an additional travel fee. Please request a quote.

* OVERTIME – In the circumstance that the event goes over the booked time or a request is made for the group to continue playing. If the players have no prior commitments then they will stay.

Fees are as follows :

Up to extra 15 minutes – $15 per player

Up to extra 30 minutes – $30 per player

Up to extra 45 minutes – $40 per player

Up to 60 minutes extra – $55 per player

* A minimum of 2 square metres as a performance space.

* A chair per person, without arms, placed in the area of performance.

* Adequate lighting to see the chart music.

* Cover or shade over the instruments.

A “plan B” is required in the event of rain as instruments cannot be used outside in wet weather.

Instruments cannot be used outside in strong direct sunlight also, therefore shade either from a tree, umbrella or marquee is suitable.

* A meal/food is required if your booking is 4 or more hours long.

Ladies wear all black clothes in a formal modern style and men wear all black attire or black -tie.

If there is a special theme then different outfits can be organised in advance.

All female or all male groups can be available also if specifically requested.