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Lushous Strings are session players that record in Studios for movie soundtracks, rock and jazz bands, DVDs and CDs.

SYDNEY String Musicians.MELBOURNE String Musicians.BRISBANE String Musicians. ADELAIDE String Musicians.

Lushous Strings are experienced studio session players for classical and rock styles of music.

They play live with rock bands, record live and are professional studio session players, for CDs,

DVDs and movie sound tracks.

Quartet recording for Muzza Monroe and produced by Tony Cohen.







Quartet with Soprano Singer




String quartet with Soprano Singer.





String quartet recording at Studio 301



Recording for a CD at Studio 301








Lushous Strings play alongside many of todays current rock/pop groups.


We have toured and recorded with such artists as:

Jimmy Barnes

Missy Higgins

Sarah Blasko

Angus and Julia Stone

-Live at Homebake festival


-Strings Live at the Vanguard Diesel DVD

Josh Pyke


Decoder Ring

-At Splendor in the Grass

CODA Strings


Julie Kerr

In Hearts Wake



Performers with Jimmy Barnes 2015 Flesh and Wood tour

Performers with the Jimmy Barnes ‘Flesh and Wood’ 2015 Tour.


TV  Appearances


Shooting for a TV commercial




X factor 2015

String Quartet with James Blunt


String quartet Live with James Blunt




String Quartet backstage




Back stage for Live TV show ‘mime’ strings.




Lushous_strings X Factor



X Factor Live performance with Sydnee Carter, Brothers 3 and Finalist Dean Ray !







IMG_2246 IMG_2010





















Some of our performers have played in Soundtracks and Recordings such as :

Happy Feet 1

Happy Feet 2


Mao’s Last Dancer

Lego Movie 2

A Place called Home – Channel 7 2013  Lushous Quartet recorded the theme song

Telstra ‘On Hold’ Recordings

Optus advertisments

Lushous Strings have recorded in Sydneys 301 Studios, Trackdown studios at Fox Studios and Electric Avenue Studios.

If you require a larger or smaller string ensemble this can be organised.

We can provide the group in a diverse range of sizes :

Orchestra – Large or Symphony

String Orchestra – 8 or more players

Quartet – 4 players